Our staff

Our staff are committed to the children in our School. They are a diverse team, each bringing strengths and capabilities to their own classrooms but also the wider School community.

St Joseph’s staff in 2019

  • Fr. Brian Mathews: President of School Board, Parish Priest
  • Monsignor Arthur Hackett: Priest in residence
  • Mr. Martin Hayes: Principal
  • Mrs. Jo Harslett: Key Literacy, Reading Recovery Teacher, Librarian
  • Mr. Shane Arbon: Classroom Teacher Years 5/6/7, Physical Education and Health Coordinator
  • Ms Camilla Growden: Classroom Teacher Years 2/3/4
  • Mrs Jaimie Clark: Classroom Teacher Year R/1
  • Mrs Alex Flannery: Classroom Teacher Year R/1
  • Mrs Alanna Wardle:Science
  • Mrs. Pat Stacey: Administration Officer - Mon / Tues  / Wed
  • Mrs. Judy Crawford: Finance Officer
  • Mrs. Helen Wurst: Education Support Officer
  • Ms Carmel Polomka: Education Support Officer
  • Mrs. Leanne Klemm: Administration -Thurs /  Frid.   WH&S Co-ord.
  • Mrs. Gina Cowin: Cleaner
  • Mr. Ronald Nash: Gardener