Catholic Education South Australia


As with all Catholic Schools, St Joseph’s Parish School receives some Australian and State Government funding.

However, in order to meet provide high-quality education for our students, we are dependent upon income from school fees for the provision of educational facilities and resources, payment of day to day operational works and capital works to provide a contemporary education for our students.

We aim to set fees at a level to maintain quality education for the students whilst having consideration for the financial capacity of the community we serve.

Our School fees comprise:

  • Resource Fee and Book Fee (Student Pack): These two combined fees are used to fund all classroom and curriculum support materials required by the teaching staff and students. Items covered by this charge include stationery, art, craft, photocopying and computer print-outs. This fee is issued for each student.
  • Computer Levy: This levy aims to cover the cost of infrastructure and maintenance of
    Information Computer Technology equipment and resources. This levy is issued for each student.
  • Insurance
  • Building Levy: This levy is used to pay for existing capital works loans as well as the cost of refurbishment of the school’s buildings. The Building Levy is compulsory and cannot be claimed as a tax deduction. A Building Levy account is issued for each family.
  • Tuition Fee: Tuition fees are payable to support the operational costs of the school not met by the Australian and State Government funding received by the school.

      SCHOOL FEES 2020


Resource Fee                                     185.00

Book Fee                                              60.00

Computer Levy                                   200.00

Insurance                                              20.00

Total per student                             $465.00


Building Levy per year $230.00


Tuition Fees per Year

1 Child - $1490

2 Children - $2400

More than 2 Children - $2775

Payment of Fees

St Joseph’s Parish School supports the concepts of equitable financial responsibility on all members of its community and part payments of fees by the due date or by way of regular payments is part of the process.

To achieve this goal, the school encourages regular communication between all parties in relation to the payment of fees.

Accounts can be paid by cash, eftpos, cheque, direct bank deposit, or Centrelink deductions. All fees to be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Negotiated payment is discussed with the Principal if the child/children commence during the school year.

School Card

The State Government offers assistance for families via the School Card Assistance Scheme and families on low incomes are encouraged to apply. It is important that parents and caregivers work with the school to complete the necessary documentation as there are administrative cut-off dates (determined by the Department of Education and Children Services) that apply each term, and need to be complied with in order to receive funds for each eligible child.

Families eligible and approved for School Card will automatically receive a 40% reduction in their Tuition Fees.

Financial Hardship

As St Joseph’s Parish School is about putting the education of the child/children first, if families are suffering financial hardship, they are encouraged to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss assistance for a warranted reduction in tuition fees.
Any parents/caregivers who make an appointment for a reduction in tuition fees are treated as confidential. Non-payment of reduced tuition fees is treated as an overdue account.

Any reduction in tuition fees will be considered in terms of the financial needs of the family and of the School Board’s responsibility to families who are making the effort to pay regular fees.

To talk to the School about your situation, please make an appointment and meet with the Principal.