Catholic Education South Australia

Our tradition and history

The Josephite Charism and tradition

Blessed Mary MacKillop chose as the Patron for her congregation and for each of her schools, St Joseph. His life as husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus and being a tradesman in his local community, exemplified those virtues of trust, faith and love that were part of the charisma of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Our history

In 1891 the Sisters of St Joseph began teaching in our small community of Gladstone. Bishop O’Reilly purchased a house on Cross Street to serve as a convent and three sisters began teaching in the original church building. The altar was divided from the school by a large black curtain.

When the new church was built in 1928, the old church was used solely as a school. Our current new classrooms are situated very close to where the old church used to be located. It is believed that back then, Mary, would have visited the area in 1896 when she was back in South Australia visiting Sisters in Port Augusta, Burra, Pekina, Kapunda, Jamestown and Gladstone. How different things would have been back then but the message of Mary will always remain.