Catholic Education South Australia

Curriculum support programs

We are committed to fostering total development of all of our students by supporting and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Small class sizes at St Joseph's enables our teachers to obtain significant data about each individual student in their class through the use of formal standardised  testing i.e. Naplan, Pat M and Pat R testing, Early Years Literacy Assessment, Early Years Numeracy Assesment as well as teacher assessment, anecdotal notes and teacher observations.  

This data is complemented with the discussions that our staff have with experts they have access to (i.e. Psychologists, Speech Pathologists) as well as our own Literacy Coach and Special Education coordinator to enable our teachers to provide learning experiences that complement and extend the students in their class.

For those students who need extra assistance we run the following programs:

  • Reading Recovery - for students in Year 1 who are not at the reading level they should be.
  • Quicksmart - A computer based program (done with adult assistance) designed for children in our Upper Primary class who need some assistance with their Mathematics.
  • "What's the Buzz?" - a social skills program for students of all ages.
  • Reading Doctor - a computer based program (done with adult assistance) designed to improve the reading and spelling of students of any age
  • Individual Educational Support Officer (ESO) support.

If you have any questions regarding support for your child’s learning, please speak with your class teacher or the School office.